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Khajuraho Tour Package Get Free Travel Plan from Experts before you plan your trip to khajuraho. we will provide details on things to do hotels vacation rental and all details for you to have a trip to khajuraho Get Discount Tour Itinerary to Khajuraho. Khajuraho is a small town located in the Bundelkhand region (Chhatarpur District) of Madhya Pradesh and is famous for groups of Hindu and Jain temples. These temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their beautiful and erotic rock carvings. The erotic sculptures of Khajuraho depicting Kama Sutra are unique in the world. These sculptures representing the Indo-Aryan architecture, congeal in stone a lyrical paean to love and passion and reflect the Chandela dynasty’s passion and immense appreciation for the forbidden art, paradoxically, in the land of Kama Sutra. They cannot be passed off as just erotic sculptures, the temples have some of the most revered Gods of Hinduism. The temples of Khajuraho were built between 950 to 1050 A.D. during the Chandela dynasty of Central India (These rulers claimed descent from the moon, hence the name Chand-ela). After the decline of the Chandela dynasty in 13th century, the temples were left under the cover of dense date palm trees for many years, which gave the city of Khajuraho its name, Khajur in Hindi means a date. In the ancient times it was known as Vatsa.

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Khajuraho Sightseeing Tour

In every temple, there is the depiction of royalty, armies, wrestling, kinship, war, courtship, marriage, lovemaking, music and dancing, spiritual teachings, union, meditation, bliss, gods, goddesses, plants, animals and an abundance of all human forms.

 Western Group of Temples

There is a entry fee of Rs. 10/- (for Indians) and USD $ 5 (for foreigners) to enter the Western Group of temples. (If you have a ticket from Taj Mahal, you can use it here again.) All the temples are open from sunrise to sunset. These are the richest and largest of all temple groups

  • Lakhmana Temple – The oldest and finest of the western group of temples, named after the ruler that built the temple. The A horizontal beam over the entrance of this beautiful Vaishnavite temple shows the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with Lakshmi, Vishnus consort.
  • Kandariya Mahadeo Temple – This temple is decorated with a profusion of sculptures that are among the greatest masterpieces of Indian art.
  • Devi Jagdamba Temple – Dedicated to the Goddess(devi), this is smaller and much more delicately proportioned temple and is home to some of the finest sculptures of Khajuraho.The garbha griha has a huge image of the Devi of the Universe (Jagdambi), though it appears to have started as a Vishnu temple. It has the usual three bands of sculptures, but the third and most uppermost of these houses some of the most erotic sculptures.
  • Chaunsat Yogini – The only granite temple in the Khajuraho group
  • Chitragupta Temple – is dedicated to the Sun God (Surya), it faces eastward to the rising sun
  • Matanageswara Temple – A temple dedicated to Shiva, a huge 8ft Lingam adorns the temple.

 Eastern Group of Temples

  • Parsvanath Temple – Largest among the group, with exquisite carvings in detail. The sculptures on the northern outer wall are the highlights of this temple. The image was installed in 1860.
  • Ghantai Temple – This Jain temple has a frieze which depicts the 16 dreams of Mahavira’s mother, and a jain goddess on a winged Garuda.
  • Adinath Temple – Dedicated to Jain Tirthankar(God), adinath, the temple is lavishly embellished with sculpted figures, including yakshis.
  • Hanuman Temple
  • Brahma Temple – considered to be one of the oldest temples of Khajuraho made entirely in granite and sandstone, is dedicated to Vishnu.
  • Vamana Temple – is the dwarf form of Lord Vishnu, located in a secluded place and is known for its simple architecture.
  • Javari Temple


Southern Group of Temples

  • Dulhadev Temple – The last temple of Khajuraho, lies to the south of Ghantai temple. The temple enshrines a Shivalingam. The apsara and ornamented figures are the temple’s most striking features.
  • Beejamandal Temple – It is a ruined temple, and is near the Chattarbhuj Temple
  • Chattarbhuj Temple Or The Jatkari Temple – Built in 1100 A.D., is well-known for its architecture, and is also the only temple to be devoid of any erotic sculpture. 3 km away from the Eastern Group. Facing West, have to take 10 steps to reach the sanctum. The massive 9 feet intricately carved Vishnu idol in Chaturbhuja (four-armed).

Light and Sound Show at Western group of temples – After visiting the temple complex is over, the sound and light show, narrated by the Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachhan, is held every evening. Entry ticket Rs. 120/- for Indians and Rs. 300/- for foreigners.

  • Khajuraho Dance Festival

Khajuraho Tour Packages india

Things To Do & Attractions In Khajuraho

  • Ajaigarh Fort
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Benisagar Dam
  • Dance Festival
  • Eastern Group of Temples
  • Jain Museum
  • Kalinjar Fort
  • Light And Sound Show
  • Mahashivratri
  • Panna National Park
  • Southern Group of Temples
  • State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art
  • Western Group of Temples

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