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Travel IndiaThe fascinating splendor of India
India is a vast country, comprising of many religions, languages, culture and tradition which makes traveling to India a unique experience. It can be divided between north, south, east, west and central regions.

A prime land
Located in the fun of Southeast Asia, India has its origins in primitive times, however, remains a land to discover. This fascinating country, stretching from the shores of Arabian Sea to the foot of the Himalayas, is rich in historical sites. Visit India to experience the atmosphere of a tradition in the form of real ruins, temples built in ornate style, forts and palaces and more extraordinary, which defines this ancient land.

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Northern India
Northern India that has a lot of diversity, is governed by the high Himalayas, the breathtaking beauty of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, rich plains of Punjab, Haryana and the basin of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. From the point of the states, Uttar Pradesh has one of the oldest cities in the world and many Hindu pilgrimage centers. Rajasthan is known for its medieval forts and palaces, a lifestyle very different from the type of desert landscape and frightening. Mountain states and Jammu and Kashmir Himachal Pradesh combines extraordinary beauty of the Himalayas with an ethnic culture that is very different than any other.

The south of India Travel
Surrounded by three oceans, southern India is separated from the north by the mountain called Vindhya. The southern peninsula of India is protected by the Arabian Sea and Eastern Ghats valley in the east and Bengal basin and valleys Western Ghats in the west. The southern states of India have a tropical climate that gives them a beauty in the form of dense tropical vegetation on the coast and architecture, culture, language and way of life. Despite the very obvious similarity, each state has scenery, festivals, architecture and culture.

Travel to East India
This part of India still preserves the history of thousands of years ago that was still intact after so long. This region is famous for the ancient kingdoms as Anga, Banga, Kalinga flourished and at least 3,000 years, is also known as the land of Buddha and Mahavir (the god of the Jains) who preached self-conscious mode of living.

Travel to western India
Comprised of four states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Madhya Pradesh. The one has scenery, culture and environment so different than the one that is hard to believe they are so close. Maharashtra is the land of famous warriors. Shivaji (the ancient king of Maharashtra) remains immoral here. His memories are alive in a myriad of which are strong in all parts of the state. Stone caves and Ellora put Amanta shows the mixture of all religions, sculptures and tapestries of beliefs Buddhist, Jain and Hindu coexist in complete harmony. Its green forests are rich flora and fauna and home to tribes. That is, from many points of view, is a different world where life is still natural and unhurried.

Culture and heritage of India
You can see the many faces of culture and heritage of India in various forms of music, paintings, temples, gods, sculptures and architecture, also reflect the brilliant life of the Indians. From time immemorial, India has been considered a land of rich culture. A century after another, this country has seen governors as the Rajputs, Mughals, British, Portuguese. In addition, several religions such as Buddhism and Jainism flourished here at various times. All these elements have made a significant impact on the culture of this country.

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