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Ayurveda Treatment Procedure :

Medicated Steam Bath :
Medicated Steam Bath is a part of Ayurveda Treatment in this treatment the patient is given lite oil massage and then exposed to a steam bath containing medicinal herbs which is steamed in boiling water. The treatment is suited for obesity, body pain, laziness, fate removal, tidiness, skin infection and to  get rid of harmful toxic from body.

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Foot Mafoot massage treatment spa and treatmentssage :
in Foot massage technique the masseur uses his food for doing massage to the entire body. This is  a good procedure for recovering from join and body pain a, It is scientifically proved and is good for body  fitness also. This massage is done for treating conditions of obesity or  mis-located bones or  muscles caused due to fall or accident..

Kulatha Swedham :Kulatha Swedham massage treatment
Its a part of herbal treatment at which Small bags made of cotton cloth containing various herbal powders are heated in a dry pan at constant temperature suiting the body and the  bag is rubbed on entire body. The technique give good result in body pain.

Pizhichil :
Pizhichil  treatment and herbal tourIts a impotent procedure in Ayurveda treatment, A cloth is dipped in lukewarm medicated oil, and squeezed over the body for 50 – 60 minutes. The procedure is followed by a gentle full body massage.

This is a process gives good result if it is  traditionally followed once a year, this helps keaping the body fit and strong life long.It is also shows good result on  for papaplegia, hemiplegia and general weakness.

Patraswedam :
The herbal treatment involves Little cloth bundles made of  herbs are dipped in warm oil and then rapidly  rubbed over the whole body. The procedure is specially Recommended for certain types of muscular and nervous ailments and treatment. The time duration for this procedure  varies from 3 to 7 days.

Uzhichil (General Body Massage) :General Body Massage tours Ayurveda
Its a general body treatment in ayurveda useful for general fitness and fits the entire body. It helps in toning up muscle tissues, alleviates stiffness of joints, helps in  better blood circulation and  gives good result in stimulating nervous system.

Udwarthanam Massage Treatment Ayurveda Tour KeralaUdwarthanam :
The ayurveda technique involves body massaging with various herbs and medicated powders. A procedure shows good result in melting body fat and obesity related problems. It also helps good  blood circulation in body.

Takradhara :Kerala Package Package
Its a part of herbal treatment the procedure is likely to  Shirodhara treatment. In this Ayurveda  treatment procedure medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead continuously for 60 minutes . It cools the entire body system and is good for eye-ear-nose related problems.

Punnagathi Kizhi :
The herbal treatment involve  special fresh herbs taken in a small cotton bag is kept warm by constantly dipping in hot  herbal medicated oil slimmered in a pan. These is then rubbed onto the entire  body for 60 minutes shows good result in body fitness and skin problems caused due to radiation and pharmaceutical treatments  .

Njavarakizhi :
In this technique a Small cotton bags is filled with a particular kind of cooked rice   is dipped in warm milk with herbs containing medicated decoction and continuously rubbed on to the entire body.

This is very effective in cases of wasting of muscles, weakness and rheumatism. The duration varies from 7 to 14 days.

Ayurveda Tour PackageShirodhara :
In Shirodhara procedure the patient lies on his or her back side and medicated oil is continuously poured  on the forehead from an eastern vessel. The treatment beneficial in cases of disorders such as migraines, conic headaches, hyper tension  and insomnia.

Nsyam :
The ayurveda  process of treatment is done via the nasal canal. In this process Medicated oils of certain herbs are dipped into the nose showing good result caused due to head and nerves related problems. In most cases mere inhalation can work good for treating sinusitis, problems and problems concerned with rapid dental care, ear, nose and miss eye ailments, long  facial paralysis and migraine.

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